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"Bringing tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a clean sound, combined with adrenaline fueled melodies and, tight harmonies; wrapped up nicely with savage drums. They have a unique and creative voice all their own and provide a performance that is wild and wacky; always leaving audiences wanting more."

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"The Spyders of HBG" are a rock and roll trio, formed in Harrisburg Pennsylvania created by "the Zach "Rabbit"  Entenman" (Guitar and vocals), "Sandman" Dan Ertel (Bass and vocals), & Benjamin Danner (Drums). 

After being inspired by the Album "Please Please Me" three friends decided to partner up to create a self made recording of their live set  of original "Beatle-esque" songs, titling the work  "Insert Title Here.  The Trio debuted the songs live in concert  December 1st 2010. The album sold 300 copies in that first month of formation earning the band a performing spot at the  Live Streamed 2010  “New Years Bash” hosted by the Middletown Area Arts Collective. The band was featured positively in the Middletown PA’s “Press and Journal" performing at this event to a dancing crowd.

 The group entered its first Hiatus from 2011-2019 as the bands front man and chief songwriter Zach Entenman entered Military Service. "The Spyders" were able to work intermittently releasing their first music video for the song  "Fired From Love" April 2015. This year also saw the friends first Live performances since April of 2011.  A four show Pennsylvania Music Tour took the band to Pennsylvania college Mansfield University and Bube's Brewery in Elizabethtown, PA . 

In January of 2020 "The Spyders" invested in their music adventure once again releasing New Music Singles  "Missing" and " A Christmas Tryst" globally across all streaming platforms for the first time. The Success of these recordings gave the band the freedom to experiment in the studio releasing the creative concept EP "Just Gettin By."  A Music Video for song "A'int Losing No Sleep" was released on Youtube October 15th 2020. Touring and Live in-person performances scheduled throughout the year were cancelled when travel became hazardous during the  Corona Virus worldwide pandemic.  A video of thier debut performance of original song "Hotel Room was put out to mark the occasion of their 10 Year Anniversary as a band.


 In April of 2021, the band documented its first national music tour across the south western united states dubbing it "The S'mores Tour". The performances were filmed in front of  iconic americana locations such as 'The Cadillac Ranch, Elvis's Graceland, The Buddy Holly Center with the final performance on the edge of the Grand Canyon. When the bands returned "The Spyders of HBG" played for the last Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame virtual concert series garnering 1100 views. The band then followed San Francisco Perv Pop sensations Big Gorgeous oh the first leg of their "Remasked" tour.

The Spyders of HBG signed with the "Ox Entertainment Talent Agency" and went on the "Bee Boppin Tour 22". It was at this time Elijah Manning left "The Spyders of HBG" and was replaced by Emilio Padulese. With the new line-up the music act toured heavily through Pennsylvania in support of their new single "For You Other Girls". In Atlantic City, NJ  the misfit musicians performed thier first benefit show for the "Elephant Talk Indie Festival" helping raise $12.3K. An official Lyric Video for the song "For You" was release on the bands you-tube. "The Spyders" were interviewed on the "Darker with Daniel Podcast" where it was announced their would be a tour at the beginning of 2023 to be called The "Pop Rocks and Coke Tour." Emillio Padulese left the band and Elijah Manning came back part time as the new touring season approached.

In 2023 "The Spyders of HBG" started the year with back to back charity performances for the Gettysburg Rocks Festival. The bands efforts along with other PA musicians helped raise $41.5K for children's cancer research. Live videos for original songs "So" and "Hotel Room" were released from these shows. The tour saw the trio play in NYC at the Legendary Venue "Arlene's Grocery" in Manhattan where they debuted new songs "Penn State" and "Make Love". The tour was a success and the musicians did a one-off welcome home performance at "The Underground Live"  in Camp HIll, PA.

Live renditions of songs "Theb Ritish" and The Ramones cover "She's The One" were released from this performance. 

Sept 2023 on an interview with "The Story Podcast" Zach and Dan were given an opportunity to tell the bands story to interviewer Corey Rosen, and their year ending tour was announced revealing The Spyders on their first Multi-act Tour with Philadelphia natives and Eclipse Records artists "The Stone Eye" along with New York City Natives and pals "Mag Electric".  The tour was named "The Little Impolite tour" for the upcoming EP of the same name and had the groups travel from Brooklyn, NYC to Frederick, MD. New song "Riverbed of Love" was revealed and a live performance of the song was released on youtube. As of February 204 the EP is slated for a Mid April release with the album being produced by a Philadelphia artists of repute. From clips it will surely continue the legacy of catchy and uniqueness The Spyders of HBG always provide.


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     Dan Ertel



Dan is described by his bandmates as "the pure center of The Spyders." His creative abilities not only craft the driving rhythm in the music, but also are responsible for expressing the band's identity and message through their logo and symbol. He enjoys playing video games, visiting historical sites, and pretending to be a photographer.

Fun Fact:

When not performing with The Spyders, Dan's performing lightsaber choreography with the Saber Guild's Central PA Malachor Temple.


Favorite Color


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  Zach Entenman


Zach is the Rhythm (and like it or not) lead guitar player of The Spyders, but the rest of the group  affectionately calls him  "Lead  Big Mouth." Zach can usually be found trying to be funny and rarely succeeding. He enjoys Chef Boy-ar-Dee Ravioli, Riding his Motorcycle and not taking interviews seriously.

Fun Fact:

Has a very cool guitar collection and enjoys hiking!


Favorite Color



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Elijah Manning



Say hello to this Georgia Peach!

Elijah is not a native Harrisburger but his quick wit, good times attitude and signater "My F**k'n Tempo instantly made him a member of The Spyders.

Fun Fact:

Thinks theres better whiskey then Southern Comfort.

Favorite Color:


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