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To whomever is reading this,

     First off, congrats on finding my secret personal page! I'm sure you were actually looking for some hot BSB (Big Spider Booty) porn but if you could just put that thing back in your pants for a minute, that'd be great. Thanks. That's much better!
    While you're here though, you should take a few minutes to browse the rest of this site! There's all kinds of stuff like music, videos, and some other cool shit to check out. But if you really want to do me a solid, you should totally visit the store and maybe buy some of my shit! Seeing as you did just have your penis all up in my face, I feel like you kinda owe me one at this point.

    On that note, I can still see that half bulge in your pants and it's really creeping me out so yeah.... I'm just gonna wrap this up and let you get back to whatever nasty ass shit you' get up to. But seriously, check out the site, look through my shit on the store, and you know... definitely buy some!  Peace mother ****er!

Sincerely asking you to buy my shit,

Georgie T. Spyder LXXVI

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